Series of awareness raising sessions conducted in KP and Balochistan

September 17-24, 2020: The Project for Agri-food and Agro-industry Development Assistance in Pakistan (PAFAID) has conducted four awareness raising sessions on subjects related to cattle meat value chain in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and apple value chain in Balochistan.

Sessions were held including a session on post-mortem inspection and good hygiene practices (GHP), ante-mortem inspection and good animal husbandry practices (GAHP), food regulatory programme development approach in Khyber Pakhthunkhwa and good agricultural practices (GAP) guide development for apple value chain in Balochistan.

As part of these sessions, UNIDO international experts showcased international best practices in risk-based approach for ante-mortem inspections in slaughterhouses and its relevant sections in GAHP. A session was also organized on what GHP is and how the risk-based approach can be ensured in post-mortem inspections as well as covering risk based inspections in retail butchers and meat processing plants. The food regulatory programme development approach session provided a review on the overall structure of the design and deployment of a food regulatory program, applied to the meat value chain. The GAP guide development awareness session was conducted to explain what GAP is and to form a technical committee to formulate a GAP guide for actors involved in the apple value chain in Balochistan.

Approximately 50 stakeholders participating in these sessions will be selected to five expert working groups which will be in charge of developing technical documents, policy and regulatory recommendations on food safety and food inspector protocols for the cattle and technical guidelines for apple value chain.

The sessions were attended by officials from the Livestock and Dairy Development Department of KP, Food Safety and Halal Food Authority of KP, Agriculture & Cooperatives Department of Balochistan, industry associations, private sector, academia and prominent students.

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